Automotive & Motorsport

Automotive and motorsport photography on Location. We have covered a number of motorsport events including Formula one, track days and Ferrari XX Clienti events. Away from trackside we love to capture shots or the worlds most beautiful cars.

Considering myself lucky to have grown up through a time-warp of innovation, especially in the automotive industry. I had the pin up in my bedroom of the original Lamborghini Miura and the magnificent Ferrari 250 SWB (my favourite car). Throughout growing up I got to see countless supercars, up to today, seeing the iconic hypercars that companies have taken decades devoloping, my passion for cars is endless.

Automotive (Showroom and Location)

I love the non-restriction that location work offers. I am often working in the outdoors through a love of the landscape be that portraiture photography or action photography. Whenever I travel somewhere I have an eye open for great places to return to with my camera’s. For over 30 years I've travelled and explored UK, Europe and North America.

As someone that’s artistically minded I think outside the box when it comes to creative concepts and evaluate how to make them a reality. Having a portable studio enables me to work in all environments! What’s better than working outside on a warm summers morning, or photographing Light trails at night – for the best outcome of these two compositions, ENCADE take the stress of your hands and do all the research themselves, so all you have to do is turn up to the shoot, share ideas and achieve the best possible outcome!

We love also to cover cover Showroom photography, be that a new car in or a launch event! Scroll down below to see some of the highlights of our portfolio;


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