ENCADE love covering Event photography. It's unpredictable right from the get-go! With a large range of Camera lenses to use and some of the best cameras on the market, ENCADE are able to cover any event at any time of the day. From Low light Music shoots using no flash, to cars flying round race tracks at nearly 200mph. If we are there, we can catch it!

ENCADE have been fortunate enough to photograph a number of celebrities, inc; popular TV personalities, sportsmen, comedians and musicians. Some of these images you will see on our other pages such as sport and music. 

Towards the end of 2018, ENCADE was photographing Dermot O'Leary at his children's book launch, shocked by how slick the photographers were he commented "Wow! You guys are good!"  Always nice to hear from someone that is in the eye of the media most of the time. 

ENCADE also do a lot of work for Charities, two of the main charities ENCADE currently are affiliated with are; KM Charity and Broadstairs Lit. We feel that working with the right local charities is very important to make a difference in our community. 

A Few of the Events we have covered

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