Kat & Pete

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Love is meant to last, so why not make your wedding day last? This is exactly what Kat and Pete decided to do!

With the Grandest of registry offices on the Wednesday at The Archbishop’s Palace, Maidstone on a chilly November morning and a blessing and full wedding day on the Saturday. All finished off in the Grand Marque at the Barnyard, Sittingbourne.

Kat and Pete chose a tasteful and fun element to their day with a Batman theme to their Saturday topped off with a 1967 White Mustang adorned with yellow ribbons.

The theme was carried through to the venue with yellow chair sashes, table decorations and a cake fit for Bruce Wayne! Sadly, the November weather was to not last with a very wet evening to follow. However, being creative the group photos were taken in the Marque on the dance floor, when the weather broke, some evening garden shots were possible!

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