ENCADE's Wedding 100 Club - ENCADE

Congratulations and welcome to our exclusive Voucher 100 page!

Have you been presented one of these? Wondering what it is about? Who are ENCADE? Im sure there are a gazillion questions you have! So let us take those questions away!

Derek and the team at ENCADE cover all types of photography and we tailor it around our clients, be it candid, natural and obviously those group photos we all want! With years of experience behind a camera, we love making our clients feel relaxed and look natural, taking care to include those little expressions we all have. Capturing those special moments for a life time!

"Thanks to the ENCADE team for the outstanding, beautiful pictures. Coming home and seeing them made me so happy. Thank you ever so much!"

Let us book now! How do we do it?

Claiming your £100 discount is really easy, just drop us a message requesting your date, or give us a call. Once we have confirmed our availability, we can then arrange a meeting for you to tell us all about your special day. We can then tell you a little bit about us in person. If this all sounds good, we can then confirm your booking once all your questions are answered and you are happy to go ahead!

Terms and Conditions for Voucher 100

1) Voucher 100 cannot be used in-conjunction with any other offer.

2) Only one voucher to be used per transaction.

3) Valid voucher code must be given to validate your offer.

4) No proof of purchase is required.

5) Introductory fee may be paid to our recommended suppliers on your production and use of their voucher code.

6) Encade and its employees have final decision and this will be confirmed where necessary in writing or by electronic mail.

7) Voucher has no cash value and therefore cannot be exchanged or used as any part of a deposit payment.

8) Voucher value will be subtracted off of any final payment only. But will show as a discount on any invoice made for a contract deposit of Encade services.

9) This voucher offer is in addition and in-conjunction with our normal terms and conditions and is therefore subject to those terms and condition as stated in our main contracts of engagement.

10) Encade Ltd and its employees can only offer the voucher against dates that are available at the time of booking. No refund can be given against the voucher if Encade are unable to engage in a contract for your date.

11) Please confirm voucher code at time of booking.

12) Voucher is only usable on new contracts and cannot be retro used against any existing or current contracted booking.

13) Encade and its employees reserve the right to withdraw the voucher without prior notice. This will not affect any voucher being used once a contract has been signed and agreed with Encade Ltd.

14) Encade Ltd may change or amend the Terms and conditions as required in the running of its business without prior notice.

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